La parole est aux speakers : Sebastian Bergmann et Roman Pronskiy

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Jusqu’au Forum PHP 2022, retrouvez nos interviews de speakers pour mieux comprendre leur parcours et le sujet qu’ils ou elles aborderont lors de leur conférence !

La conférence

The PHP Foundation: The past, the present, and the future

"A complex saga of developers scattered around the world, all living under the rule of the elePHPant technology."

PHP is going to die. We're all going to die. We've been around PHP for over two decades, and we've seen many concepts and tools gaining and losing favor. That's the knowledge we aim to apply for the support and advancement of the PHP language.

The PHP Foundation is a non-profit organization formed a year ago by well-known PHP folks as well as major companies from the PHP ecosystem. Come to this session to learn what we have achieved during our first year and what we are planning next. We’re eager to answer your questions and look forward to hearing your suggestions.

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Sebastian, you maintain PHPUnit since 2004. What’s the recipe for maintaining an open source project for that long?

I started to contribute to Open Source back in 1998 and published the first code for PHPUnit in November of 2001. I regularly get the question, why I am (still) contributing to Open Source. Maybe I should have stopped to do so long ago. Because of parasitic corporations that exploit Open Source without giving back. Because of toxic users that threaten with violence when their change request is not implemented. Because of Distributed Denial of Service attacks on my project’s infrastructure. But I fundamentally believe that infrastructure such as operating system, programming language, and development tools must be Free Software. And this is why I continue to work on Open Source.

I am passionate about building tools, such as PHPUnit, that help developers work better. At every opportunity I get, in my work as a consultant, at user group events, or at conferences, I am eager to get feedback from people that use my tools. What can be documented better ? Could a custom solution for a specific problem be generalized into an out-of-the-box feature? This feedback is as important a way of giving back to Open Source as are code contributions or financial sponsoring.

Listening to feedback and discussing ideas is as much of a recipe that I can am able to give. Even after more than two decades of working on and contributing to Open Source, I am still figuring things out.

Roman, can you tell us about your role as a product marketing manager of PHPStorm at JetBrains?

As a product marketing manager of PhpStorm, my job is to ensure we have more happy users. On the one hand, that means watching that IDE meets the demands of our diverse user base. On the other hand, help users learn more about the changes in the product. And last but not least, help the community grow so that there are more users 🙂

How do you find time to get involved in the PHP Foundation with your respective jobs ?

Roman : Currently, I can spend about 20% of my time at JetBrains working on the PHP Foundation tasks. I’ve been actively involved in PHP Community for more than 10 years already, so this is what I’m passionate about, and I wish I could devote more time in the future.

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Sebastian BERGMANN
Sebastian BERGMANN
Sebastian Bergmann has believed in Open Source from day one. He has a university degree in computer science, and has created the industry-leading testing tool PHPUnit, which has played a vital role in professionalizing software development with PHP. He shares his comprehensive experiences in publications and at conferences. As Co-Founder and Principal Consultant of The PHP Consulting Company (, Sebastian helps his clients to develop software successfully. In his free time, he works on PHPUnit, likes board games, and really enjoys making fancy ice cream.
Product marketing manager of PhpStorm at JetBrains, PHP Annotated author, Roman also helped to launch The PHP Foundation.

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