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Lights and shadows of BDD in Sylius (and probably other companies as well)

Behaviour-driven development is great, isn’t it? It improves communication in the team, makes business requirements understandable for everyone involved in the project, speeds up the development in the long term… It has no disadvantages! Or… has it?

Unfortunately, there are no perfect systems and methodologies. All of them have their drawbacks - tradeoffs we need to agree on when adopting them in the development process. And that’s good until we’re aware of them. Even though I love BDD, TDD, and test-driven approaches in general, I can understand the cost of using them in other projects.

In my presentation, I will focus on the pros and cons of BDD methodology, thinking from the Sylius Core Team Member perspective, but also trying to comprehend the view of an average Sylius and Symfony user.

Salle Hopper ABCDEF

In a recent post, you blog about what happened to Sylius and Commerce Weaver at the begining of the year after you left the Sylius Company. Does the uncertainty within the community has been resolved ?

Yes, I believe it’s much better now than it was a few months ago, just after me, Łukasz and Tim left Sylius company. It was a hard decision for all of us (even though we’re sure it was the right one), especially as we knew it would result in some tension within the Sylius Community. I’m glad to say we all managed to handle this situation, and we’re moving forward with this new reality for all of us. There have been some big changes in Sylius company recently, a new management stepped into the game, and things have finally moved in the right direction. I hope that it will be better and better from now – fingers crossed for that!

What’s your opinion about the usage of Behat on open-source projets ? Is it a tool that works in that context ?

The tool is only as good as a developer using it. But, obviously, there are some that are more suitable for some requirements than others. Behat is a great library, and I’m very happy we’ve been successfully using it for Sylius for a long time already. Regarding the open source itself, I believe Behat has one major benefit and one major drawback. When it’s used correctly, it gives an immediate, extended, and powerful insight into the application and makes it easier to know what the application actually does, how the main business processes are working in it, etc. On the other hand, the learning curve for Behat is quite steep – definitely steeper than for PHPUnit, which is just more common for most of the PHP developers. So, the short answer would be: yes, it is, but only when used consciously and with respect to the educational/contribution materials about it.

JanuszStatementGenerator, PolishCompanyNameGenerator, you’ve created some fun projects. Does having worked on the projects help you on your daily job ?

Well… no 😅 At least not directly. Some of such projects are just for fun or to try some new tools and libraries. One of the mentioned projects was created in JavaScript, and 80-90% of its code was generated by AI (Github Copilot). So the project was a sandbox for me to learn this tool, and I’m using it now on a daily basis! The other project was based on a popular meme on the Polish internet, but at the same time, I wanted to check with which language I could write the shortest script for simple sentence generation based on the array of words from a static file. Ruby won 🙂
So, do these projects help me in my daily job? No. But do I learn from them some things that could be potentially useful in my work? For sure: yes.

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Being a programmer is not only his job - it is a way of his life. Mateusz is a strong BDD believer and testing enthusiast, curious about the world, and passionate about science. For the last few years, he's a Sylius Core Team member, working hard on developing the best e-commerce framework in the world. He's also a trainer and consultant, trying to share his expertise with others. Since the beginning of 2023, Co-Founder of a new e-commerce- and PHP-based agency, Commerce Weavers. Privately a member of a medieval reenactment group and a fervent traveller. Mateusz loves to see new places, meet interesting people, and develop himself to be a better programmer and a better human being.

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