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Jusqu’à l’AFUP Day 2021, retrouvez nos interviews de speakers pour mieux comprendre leur parcours et le sujet qu’ils ou elles aborderont lors de leur conférence !

La conférence

Building a realtime dashboard powered by Laravel and Livewire

At Spatie we have a Laravel/Livewire powered dashboard that displays interesting data, such as statistics from GitHub, Twitter mentions, the up/down status of our sites, and much more. We've recently opensource the dashboard, so everyone can use it.

In this talk, you'll learn how you can set up your own dashboard in no time. After that, we'll take a dive under the hood and you'll learn how it works internally. Finally we'll take a look at the pros/cons that Livewire brings to the table compared to WebSockets.


Do you start your open source projects from scratch or are you refactoring ideas from customers?

Most of our open source packages were built for a specific project. All client projects in our company are greenfield projects.

Whenever there is functionality that we think is useful for our other projects and other developers, we extract that functionality to a package. This has many benefits: the functionality has to be decoupled from the project, documented and tested thoroughly.

A small number of open source projects and packages were created because we wanted to toy around and learn a new technology.

Symfony is really popular in France but out of these borders, Laravel is getting stronger and stronger. What do you think about this competition?

I don’t see Symfony and Laravel as competitors, but as two ecosystems that can learn from each other. Laravel is built upon battle tested and very stable Symfony components. In the Symfony world you see that some ideas that were first explored in the Laravel ecosystem, are now being welcomed.

I think both ecosystems need each other to thrive.

What can you tell us about the PHP ecosystem in Belgium, speaking of community, events or leading companies?

Before the pandemic hit, the PHP community in Belgium was thriving. Five or six years ago a lot of new PHP meetups popped up, and seemingly every major city got on one. The biggest PHP conference in Belgium is PHPBenelux, which I had the pleasure of attending several years. With the world being in the state it is, most meetups have temporarily halted activities. The organisation behind PHPBenelux is luckily holding monthly online meetups, so everybody can still get their healthy dose of PHP.

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PHP developer and package creator at @spatie_be, built @getmailcoach, blogging at, organising @fullstackeu, running @ohdearapp and @flareappio

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