Selection process

How does the team elaborate the program ?



Everybody can submit a talk to our events. Everyone, woman, man, junior or senior developer, famous speaker or young one, wherever she/he comes from, regardless of her/his identity, regardless of her/his social or geographic origins, regardless of her/his job in a company, can submit a talk. In no circumstances, gender, identity, social or racial criteria can have an impact on the program. 

You just need a good idea, some subject you really want to present, to become a speaker.


Every speaker is proposed this following package :

  • transport costs supported by AFUP
  • your hosting during the event
  • the access to the full event
  • an invitation to the speaker dinner on the evening before the event, gathering speakers, sponsors and AFUP team
  • a small thank you gift


The team in charge of the program has 5 to 6 members. All are volunteers. Part of the team changes at each event, to preserve a fresh eye on the submissions and to respect time and energy of our volunteers. Its only goal is to build the best possible program, with innovating subjects, current topics, attractive for new developers and experts.


Only talks submitted by our CFP tool will be reviewed by our team in charge of the program. No talk sent by email or any other way will be reviewed. The team is allowed to contact directly a speaker to invite her/him to talk about a very specific subject she/he is well-known for. 

Before every meeting about the program, names, companies, contacts, Twitter accounts and biographies are hidden. By this way, we want to stay focused only on the quality and the relevance of each talk. 

When the program is ready, speakers are contacted by email in the next few days, to the address they gave us when they submitted their talk. If their talk is rejected, they’ll receive an email too. A short-list of 5 to 10 talks, to replace a selected speaker who finally can’t make it, is also prepared : speakers on this short-list are also contacted in the next days.

You submitted a talk ? Please wait for 3 to 4 weeks after the end of CFP to get news from us ! Our volunteers do their max to keep you posted as soon as possible, but they do it accordingly to the time they can allow to our French PHP users group.

dinoYour talk wasn’t selected ? We receive lots and lots of talks at each CFP, and we can schedule only 30 of them at each event. Choices are hard, we need to provide variety in the program, and the quality of your talk isn’t specially the problem if not selected.
Lack of time doesn’t allow us to send private answers with reasons to each speaker. But if you want to know why, you can send an email to the team who will give you more explanations : conferences (at)
The CFP website allows you to discover how your talk was rated and commented by the audience which can be a way to find answers too.


Since 2017, the audience can rate and comment submitted talks. Of course, a talk with good rates and comments will attract the eye of our team in charge of the program. But, in the interests of equity between all speakers, who usually submit talks until the last minute, votes can’t have decision-making power. They’ll help us to feel the trends to build a program which will match the audience’s expectations and needs. 


AFUP cares about representativeness. We know too well how women or people of colour are rare during our events, in our audience and in our programs. We do our best to work on these questions. You have an idea to help us on this way ? Any contact of users group who could give us advices ? We would appreciate any help or tips : bonjour [at] .