Tour de France de PHP

After Lille, Nantes, Lyon, Luxembourg, the itinerant conference goes to Clermont-Ferrand, a lovely city surrounded by volcanoes. This year, it will be organized by AFUP, the French PHP users group, and Clermont’ech, a local organization which gathers developers from the area, and will take place on May 23rd-24th at the Polydôme convention centre.

Two days to gather the PHP community, two days to talk about what matters to PHP companies today, two days to share knowledge, to share experience, to learn, to discover and to discuss about PHP, uses, performances, possibilities. 


Focus sur la performance

Each year, the team in charge of the program chooses a specific subject, and part of the program is dedicated to it.

This year, part of the program will focus on performance. With more and more business-critical applications, performance becomes decisive. Performance is in the core of PHP7, the last version of our language. It sounded like the perfect subject for the conference. Have something to say about it? The call for papers is open, send us your proposals!



Collaboration AFUP / Clermont’ech

AFUP, the French PHP users group, decided to organize the event in collaboration with Clermont’ech, an organization which federates all developers from the area.

Working hand in hand with an organization which knows PHP companies, developers from Auvergne, and what matters to them, sounded like the best way to answer to everyone’s expectations, and to lead the event to a major success.



Performance? Why?!?

HHVM and PHP 7 make PHP better than ever. The engine put aside, there are many different ways to improve the overall performances of PHP applications: database access, hardware infrastructure, software architecture, caching, and so on. We’d like to discuss all these questions during PHP Tour Clermont-Ferrand 2016.


Clermont-Ferrand, active city

Clermont-Ferrand becomes an attractive city for students and IT companies. Many organizations gather developers and entrepreneurs in the area :  Clermont’ech, Lavajug, ClermontJS, Clermont.rb, AuverNet, Seminaire confiance numérique, fablab, TedxClermont, Acube, epicentre cowork…


AFUP / Clermont’ech

AFUP and Clermont’ech organize the conference, hand in hand.
Clermont’ech leads to federate developers from Auvergne. It organizes small talks every two months, where developers can share their experience and their knowledge with the local community. A perfect combination with AFUP, well-known for the organization of Forum PHP in Paris, for this conference.